Dr. Teicher is an attending doctor at the Frauenklinik Dr. Geisenhofer, one of the most renowned and successful gynecological and obstetrical clinics in Munich. Concerning deliveries, the clinic was ranked Nr. 7 in Germany with 2466 deliveries in 2007. Its very modern facilities include an intensive care unit for newborn and premature babies. Furthermore, its exceptional location directly at the famous English Garden as well as its own lush private gardens and modern building integrated in an old city palace of the Wittelsbacher aristocracy stands for an especially peaceful and enjoyable stay. A group of commited midwives takes care of you during the delivery and provides you with all the range of possibilities, starting from homeopathic treatment and acupuncture to analgetic measures like an oversized bath tub and epidural or spinal anesthesia. The father or partner is not only tolerated, his presence is wished even at c-sections.