The other major focus of our medical activities is to accompany pregnant women or couples through the 9 months of pregnancy up to the delivery and the birth of their child. We strongly support the participation of the future parents in our decision making and make certain that all measures taken during the pregnancy or the delivery are understood. Especially in the first pregnancy, we attend to you with a lot of time. Fathers (and other partners) are always welcome in the practice and in the  delivery room, even during c-sections. Our actions as  consulting doctor reflect our commitment and our readiness to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the clinic, we are part of a team of experienced, and devoted doctors who will promptly stand in for us in case of absence for holidays or continuing education.

For medical problems going beyond our technical possibilities, we are connected to some of the most specialised practises and clinical specialists in Munich (see links). Oour patients therefore  have the advantage of direct referal, quick appointments and highly specialized diagnostics and therapy.